Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Live Stream of the Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham at the Creation Museum

As promised, I've embedded the live stream for the debate that starts at 7pm EST.  The debate is scheduled to go until 9:30 PM and according to Answers in Genesis should be available for viewing on YouTube for at least a few days after the live stream ends.  If you come in late for the live stream just pull the slider back to the beginning of the video and you can watch the debate from the beginning.

Update: Now that the live stream is over they have put the full debate up on YouTube for 'several days'.  As long as the official video remains on YouTube I will have it here, after that I'll attempt to find another source for it. I'm not sure why they have thirteen minutes of the wait screen prior to the debate, but it's all there if you skip it forward a bit.  I thought Bill did great, he definitely kept Ken on his heels the whole evening!  Check back soon for my review of the debate!